Whelped the Runts

by Benjamin Potrykus

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These became Bent Shapes songs.


released December 20, 2017

Recorded on broken 4-track and free software at holyshit soundsystem, Somerville-Onset, Mass.

Wolf artwork taken from the final Bent Shapes show flyer, by Brian Butler.




Benjamin Potrykus Providence, Rhode Island

"...one of these enviable characters who can thrive in all styles of music" - Motif Magazine

"...a smooth punk preacher" - Stereogum

"...a razor-throated hardcore savant, a psychotropic anti-folk prankster, a shit-kicking anarchistic poet...His devotion has made him one of the most revered songwriters in Boston." - Impose Magazine
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Track Name: New Starts in Old Dominion
You’ve got an in-law apartment
in the mother of all states.
Right back where you started;
maybe this is what it takes.

You’ve got crippling debt,
reason to be upset,
and the right to believe that order
is just around the corner

Strange how city life beat you down:
estranged, but in range, in the ex-urbs.
There’s nothing for it now
except to be near enough ears to get heard

But I am always here to listen,
if that’s not been clear through omission.
I am, by my own admission,
terrible at telling you that
I am always here to listen
if that’s not been clear through omission
I am, by my own admission,
terrible at this shit.

All of us must suffer falls
coming out parties suck
debutante balls
matriculate like mine-bound canaries
feel older daily and wiser rarely

Oh, Old Dominion
Track Name: USA vs POR
Flock to the bar for USA vs POOR.
I’m not surprised anymore.
Let’s take it to the wall.

What’s the goal?
The informal polls show
escapist papists taken by a landslide, so
the workaday proles are go
(never go-go-ing gone).

It won’t be long now.
Everyone loses:
they call it a draw.
Track Name: Panel of Experts
She puts on a good show; hung/juried on conjecture
by people who should know, by a panel of experts
How can she expect anyone to respect her
when she exhibits no class, but always stays for a lecture?

Oh Maryanne,
they've all got you in the palm of their hands,
you're wrapped round the fingers of total strangers
so tight, you're bound to lose again

I just hope she makes the most of her neurosis:
dosin' it out, devoted to social Go Fish
At least keep it sharp and know how to use it.
But remember where it's hid, and you're sure gonna lose it.

Oh I can't stop
you and your friends playing bad cop/worse cop.
Tilting vicious and pretty in your surrogate city,
a well-oiled scene of machine cogs.

O! Freshmen,
so mean, and can't see the end.
Keep it sharp,
know how to use it.

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